Rocks box Review + One Free Month! (US only)

Oh hey there, I hope your reading this because you’re like “one free month of what???”  Free is fun right?  Well guess what, Rockbox is super dope and gave me a code to give to y’all AND YOUR FIRST BOX IS FREE! That’s what’s up. 🙂

If you read this review and it sounds like something you want to try, use my code to get your first month free!!  Just type in glampackedxoxo at the check out and your first box is on me.  Rocksbox was generous enough to let me have unlimited codes to give out this month, but if you sign up you will get to give a free box to 3 friends too!  

When Rocksbox reached out to me to share what they are all about and I legitimately was like HOW HAS IT TAKEN ME SO LONG TO DO THIS? I wanted to tell you the rundown on Rocksbox, so you understand what the service is before you read the official review.

In this day and age, pretty much every girl has heard of one of the subscription boxes out there.  We have boxes for clothes, makeup, fitness products, and I’m sure many others.  I personally have had subscriptions to Ipsy, Glossybox, and Birchbox in the past, none of which I am still subscribed to.  With Rocksbox, it’s a little different because you are borrowing the high end jewelry you get you in your box.  Rocksbox gives you unlimited access to rent from an ever-rotating closet of designer jewelry.  That means you can trade out your box as many times as you want, with free shipping I might add, for just $19/month.  You get 3 pieces per box and can hold onto them for as long as you damn well please. 🙂 So if you get your box and and don’t like it, you can send it back and will receive 3 new pieces picked out by your stylist.  I will get into more of the fun details that come along with being a Shine Insider in the review, but hopefully you have a general knowledge of the service from this run down.

rb rev

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription Service Review


What: Rocksbox 1st month’s box

Cost: $19/month usd

Where to buy:

Pros:  Personally, this service is perfect for me!  As a beauty blogger I am mostly spending my cash money on makeup, skincare, and hair products.  That means my jewelry box can often fall to the wayside.  Do I love jewelry? YES. But sometimes I can’t justify spending the big bucks on the pieces that I like, only to wear them occasionally.  With Rocksbox, I can get those special pieces I love to wear to a nice dinner or an fun event and not have to worry about draining my bank account to do so. As for the program pros, these are the big ones:

  • You get to take one of those style quizzes to determine your likes for your stylist.  You are even allowed to give personalized notes for the stylist to name items you don’t like or wouldn’t wear. I hate lots of bling, so I’m glad I was able to put that in there.
  • Unlimited swap per month.  If you don’t like the box? Trade it in!  If you absolutely love it, hold onto it as long as you want. 🙂
  • Average cost of each box is around $200. These are high end, but accessable brands such as Kendra Scott, House of Harlow, Gorjana, Sophie Harper, and Loren Hope, just to name a few.
  • If you love your products too much to part with them, you can just purchase them through Rocksbox and even get a Shine Insider discount to go along with it! I can absolutely see this happening to me… several… times…
  • Shipping is free both ways.  So if you think you will trade out a lot, don’t worry it won’t come out of your pocket.
  • Build a wish list of items so that your personal stylist can try to include at least one of those items in your box (pending inventory obviously) On my first box I got a pair of earrings that I really wanted and was able to wear them to a wedding this weekend.
  • Receive $10 every month in shine points to use.  You can use this towards you current box, or request past pieces to use them on. Up to you!
  • Adorable packaging!!

Cons: Some may be frustrated that you cannot pick your own pieces.  However it seems to me that they strategically pick out the boxes so that they can be worn together or separately and I think that helps push people out of their comforts zones a bit and try new pieces they wouldn’t have traditionally.  I am not sure about the wait time between boxes, that may be something people wouldn’t like, but I will definitely check it out when I send in my box to get a new one.  Another thing to consider is damage or loss of the jewelry. This is from the website regarding both: “Your membership includes a small insurance fee, which covers normal wear for all products. If there is slight damage or wear (e.g. lost earring back, a stone falls out, etc.) this is fully covered. If you have any damage or loss issues, don’t worry, but please email us immediately at”


Jewelry Quality: 8/10.  I was happy that I got a Kendra Scott piece in my first box because I have heard a ton of great stuff about her jewelry! Obviously this is my first box, but so far the quality seems pretty great.  The only thing I am unsure about was the Moon and Lola necklace, only because the chain didn’t look super high end, but I would guess that this is not a necklace that is going to turn your neck green, let’s just say that.

Kendra Scott Mabel Necklace in Rose Gold Iridescent Drusy – $60/$48 Rocksbox Shine Insider Price
Sophie Harper Pavé Lightening Bolt Studs - $35/$28 Shine Insider Price
Sophie Harper
Pavé Lightening Bolt Studs – $35/$28 Shine Insider Price
Moon & Lola Olympia Necklace - $54/$43 Shine Insider Price
Moon & Lola
Olympia Necklace – $54/$43 Shine Insider Price


Packaging: 10/10. UM can I just applaud Rocksbox on their packaging? I’m not kidding I was like super giddy to open it up because it was just so cute!!  The box the jewelry arrives in is perfect for their service because it has a bow to tie the box closed with. That means no top coming off and no lost jewelry!  They had an adorable personalized card right when I opened it up which I thought was sweet!  Each piece came in a bag, which is where I put them promptly after taking them off. IMG_2974





Wearability: 9/10.  I love my set because they all go together!  All my pieces are extremely wearable in a sense that you could dress them up or down.  I love all three pieces, but I’m hoping I get a little bit more of a dramatic piece in my next box!


Online Experience: 9.5/10.  Rocksbox site is extremely thought out and informative. It has an amazing FAQ area that pretty much answers every question you have (here) and in my experience it was really quick and easy to get set up!


Value: 10/10.  This is obviously a personal score for my situation, but as of now it is the perfect answer to my jewelry dilemma.  I love jewelry, but don’t want to spend too much $ on it at this point in my life. Rocksbox is genuinely exciting to me because it makes me feel special that I get to wear nice jewelry every month without breaking the bank.  That is legit how I feel and Rocksbox is a service I would actually use whether they reached out to me or not.  Maybe you have enough jewelry or don’t wear it much, but honestly at $19/month, what’s stopping you from exploring with your look and incorporating more jewelry into it?

OK friends!  Hope that helped explain a little bit about Rocksbox and how it works.  Again, if you are interested in getting your first month free, go to, take the quiz, and use glampackedxoxo at checkout.  Also, let me know what you think and when you post pictures of you first Rocksbox, make sure to tag me @glampacked. 🙂


Happy Glamming!






Disclosure: My code is affiliated with the RB It Girl program, but I will not get any monetary gain if you use it.  This is just a fun little opportunity to work get an unlimited code for my followers.  Girl ain’t getting paid for this, otherwise I’d tell you! haha

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