Color Pop Forever Freshman Review + Swatches

When I purchased my first Colour Pop products, their Ultra Matte Lip (here), I was still not sure where I stood on the brand.  Since then, I have purchased quite a few of of their lippies and shadows and I can now say with confidence that this brand is probably has the best valued products in a lower price point.  Since I have worn their shadows a million times now, I know that the quality is high and the finishes are gorgeous.  In the new Fall CP collection, they have a set of  6 shadows called Forever Freshman that have the most amazing Fall colors EVER.  If you have never changed your look in the Fall, this is great set to pretty much give you every shade you would need to transition.

One thing Colour Pop does so amazingly is swatch their colors on their site.  They even go as far as to swatch on 3 different skin tones.  They are gems over there aren’t they?  The swatches have actually made a huge difference for me when purchasing because I can see what it would truly look like on me.  Even though their swatches are great, I wanted to take it a step farther and swipe the shades onto my eyelids so you can see what one application looks like. The skin on our eyelids is different than the skin on our arms, and I think seeing the product on the eye gives an eve more accurate depiction.  Just an FYI, CP says there shadows are best when applied with a finger because the product is actually a really interesting cream consistency.   I have used both, but in these photos I used my ring finger to pat it all over the lid.  Full disclosure, these are not meant to be “looks” neither are the blended or placed in any special way. Literally just popped onto my lid with my fingy.  Let’s check these babies out!

Colour Pop Forever Freshman Swatches

Colour Pop Cosmetics Forever Freshman Fall Set


What: Colour Pop Cosmetics super shock eyeshadows in the Forever Freshman set

Cost: $30/set, $5/each usd

Finish: Misc.

Where to buy:

Pros: Affordable, long-wearing, highly pigmented,great spectrum of colors, great online shopping experience.

Cons: Creamy texture can dry out quickly if not sealed properly, different consistency may be harder to work with for some.


Color Payoff: 8/10.  CP has different finishes mixed into this set and in their individual shadows.  I think the color payoff honestly depends on what shadow you are using.  The metallic shades tend to be really opaque and sparkly and stand out like whoah.  With the matte shades, it’ kind of a toss up.  Out of the 3 matte shades, the orange one called Melrose has the best pigmentation and payoff, with the other 2 being not terrible but not as great.

Application: 8.5/10. Personally I love applying products with my finger. As I said above, CP encourages you to use your finger to apply their cream like products.  Sometimes they can be harder to blend if they set before you start the process.  With a few of them I have to pick up a powder to blend the edges. The cream is a double edged sword; on one side you get gorgeous finishes and colors, but on the other side you may have a little more trouble blending that with a traditional shadow. (details on each color will be with the coinciding picture)

Wearability: 8/10. This score may be totally different for some of you, depending on the type of shadows you like to wear.  These shadows definitely stand out! For the more meek makeup wearers these may be a little too bold for you, but if you are looking for some popping neutrals, I think there are so many wearable looks within this set.  Even just the gold and the matte brown can be super natural. In my opinion, these are probably some of the most wearable colors on their entire website, but I also love makeup so just evaluate if you think you’ll wear these or not.:)

Longevity: 9/10.  I will admit, I’m a bit perplexed by this score!  I mean I honestly thought these would slide right off my eye balls or live inside my creases after an hour or two. BUT THEY DIDN’T!  I mean I’ve worn them a lot in the hot weather and they don’t move.  I am also aware that it could be different with different shades, but in this set the shadows were very long wearing.  If you are looking for extra longevity, set them with a matching powder!

Online Shopping Experience: 9/10. Colour Pop does an incredible job with swatches that are not only super accurate, but also swatches them on 3 different skin shades: light tones, medium tones, and darker skin tones. It makes it really easy to shop and know what you are getting when you receive them since they don’t have actual retail locations.  Below is the example  of their swatches from the site on this particular set.

Colour Pop Forever Freshman Swatches

Value: 10/10.  This the exact same statement as I made with the ultra matte lips.  You simply cannot beat the price for this quality. Are they best cream shadows on the market? Of course not.  But are they worth way more then what they sell for? Definitely.  With Halloween coming up, there are some really fun shades you can afford to buy for fun looks!  These are better than a ton of shadows that are the same price and are super trendy with their products. I encourage you try something new and grab this set!


Colour Pop KooshKoosh – This is my favorite shadow in the bunch!  I love the champagne shimmery shade and it can be worn in so many different ways.  Even just like this wish a wash of color on the lid! Add a fierce wing and some lashes and you have a going out look! Love this! Metallic Finish.

Colour Pop CrimperCrimper – A close second for my favorite, crimper is a gorgeous bright gold that will look amazing during the holidays.  This can be used as a highlighter or even just an inner corner opener.  I like this to even layer over a dark shadow to give it a sparkle and pop. 🙂 Metallic Finish.

Colour Pop As IfAs If – This is the most neutral in the set, but also the least pigmented.   I still like it, but it’s used more for a crease or blending color.  This is one that can be paired with the previous two shadow to tone them down and make them look more normal.  Matte Finish.

Colour Pop 9021090210 – Another neutral shadow, but with more of a pop.  I like the subtle sparkle that is mixed into this color, it’s not matte but also not metallic.  This is the shadow that is going to give you the perfect brown smokey eye in almost one fail swoop.  This is a must have in your shadow safe. Satin Finish.

Colour Pop MelroseMelrose – Ok this color as completely grown on me over the last few weeks.  If you love Fall, this is as Fall as it gets.  Melrose is going to look different on different skin tones, so definitely reference that pic I included above from the website. But this is a super accurate pic above.  It looks more red in the pan, but it’s definitely a deep burnt orange.  Brown eyes will pop out of your face if you wear this color.  I wore it last weekend to a wedding and added some dark gold shimmer right in the center of the lid and it was exquisite.  Even though it’s a little more daring, this shade is gorgeous and one you should definitely venture out to try. Matte Finish.

colour pop baby tBaby T – In theory, this should be my favorite shadow in the set.  I absolutely love navy shadows!  Even though I still like Baby T, it was a little disappointing only because I thought it would be more opaque.  You can build it up don’t get me wrong, but it’s just more a sheer shadow.  When you compare it to Melrose above, they are technically the same finish but Melrose is just more rich.  I still like mixing this in for a different shade of smokey, but it can fade to look more grey than blue after a while.  This shade is mostly what brought the averages down when it came to color payoff, fyi.  Matte Finish.


Alright my friends! I hope this helped you determine if you should buy this set or not!  I overwhelmingly support your decision if it’s a yes. 🙂  Colour Pop keeps their sets around for a while, but eventually they will run out and most likely wouldn’t replace it.  Plus these are definitely more Fall colors so use them while you can.  I will actually be recreating that wedding look with the Melrose shade soon because all my gal pals seemed to like it!  I promise it’s not just your average bronze tutorial. 🙂 If you like my reviews and/or posts, please follow me via email or wordpress for all updates on when a post goes live.  And follow me on for fun photos and mini reviews throughout the week!

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Happy Glamming!


16 thoughts on “Color Pop Forever Freshman Review + Swatches

  1. Wow so detailed I’ve been considering getting some items from color pop but this sealed the deal for me. Hopefully you’ll do a look with some of the shadows???

    1. Girl I already have one line up that you’re gonna love :). It took me so long to jump on the CP train but now I literally want everything. (Shhhh don’t tell anyone but I ordered 8 more shadows today hahaha)

      1. Loooool I’d have done the same I can’t wait..imma be stalking your blog until you post lol.

  2. My entire life I have thought opaque meant see-through. And I was like, why would you want the shadow to be MORE opaque?? Ugh, I am a dummy. Anyway, I LOVE Colourpop too! I have their blush in Cruel Intentions and it’s a beautiful berry shade for fall. I love your blog, hope all is well! 🙂

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