Tarte’s Park Ave Princess Butter Lipstick: The Perfect Everyday Lipstick

I just posted on Instagram about this product, but I had to share it here too!  I’m pretty excited about my recent Tarte Cosmetics Haul (you’ll see more soon)!  Park Ave Princess started as a bronzer for Tarte and has grown into a whole line of perfectly bronze products.  I can’t mention the lipstick without mentioning the amazing bronzer that started it all.  You can get the bronzer in either a shimmer or matte finish and both are a great shade for bronzing and contouring.   I think with all the new bronzers that have come out, a lot of people forget a few of the original products that have knocked our socks off for so long (um Benefit Hoola? We all had it).  So, if you are looking for a great bronzer that isn’t too warm or orange, girl head to Tarte and grab the Park Ave princess products!  I recently got my hands on the Park Ave Princess Contour Palette: Vol 2, and OMG YES.  The amazing bronzer, a gorgeous coral blush, and perfectly glowy highlighter. Run. Get it.

Now that you know what the Park Ave Princess line is all about, let met talk your ear off about the Lip Butter in it.  Based on packaging alone, yes I’m a sucker, I have had my eye on the lipstick for a while.  I tested the lip gloss in an Ulta once and was so surprised at how much I loved the shade.  It had been awhile since I have purchased any Tarte products, so I decided I wanted to pick up some products that were both new, and untested for me. It’s so hard for me to pick out products online because I want EVERYTHING.  I’m hoping I’m not the only one that scans the website, adding everything that catches my eye only to find out that my basket total is literally $476 when I go to check out.  The process of removing items from my cart is excruciating.  Remove, re-add, remove, add something you didn’t see in the first go round haha.  This lipstick was on the chopping block for me because I wasn’t sure if I needed another nude lipstick if I was being honest with myself haha.  I remembered the gloss and the packaging, and I decided it would definitely be a fun lipstick to add into my collection.  (Pic on lips coming soon! Photo is on computer at home!)

Park Ave Princess Amazonian Butter Lipstick
Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Park Ave Princess, $17 at http://www.tartecosmetics.com

Fastforward to the last week of my life, living for this formula.  I will preface this with the fact that I work in an office.  I don’t really rock super bold lips to work, and sometimes no makeup at all basically.  So when I say this is the perfect everyday lipstick, it’s because of what my everyday looks like.  With my warm-ish, olive undertone, I can sometimes have hard time finding nudes that A)Wash me out because they are too light or B) Look too dramatic to be considered a nude.  If you have this problem, look no further, this lipstick is for you boo.  The name says it all: Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Park Ave Princess.  Butter is the most accurate name I could ever use for this product.  It goes on super smooth and glossy.  A lipstick? Glossy you say?  Yes, glossy.  It is definitely on the sheer side, but not so sheer that it appears thin or like an actual lipgloss.  There is an obvious color that looks very pretty and natural on the lip and it’s actually even more mauve/pink-y that I thought it would be.  Because of the neutral bronze nature of the look, it has enough color to pretty much look good on any skin tone.   It’s not too bold to wear to the office or to run errands, but has enough pizazz to make you feel fun and like you have a little something extra on.

So pretty right?
So pretty right?

And again… the packaging.  Tell me you’re not immediately like “dang girl let me see that,” when someone pulls out the bronze tube with gold metallic branches all over it.  I just want to reiterate that for my life, and my day to day happenings, this is perfect.  Full disclosure, if you are a glam girl during the day and want a more opaque type lipstick you may not be overly jazzed about the sheerness of it all.  Of course you can be a glam girl and sometimes just want something easy to throw on when you’re rocking mascara and a little bronzer too. Hopefully this post will help you decide if this is a product worth having, but if it were up to me  you would all be getting this from me for Christmas, OK?


Happy Glamming,


9 thoughts on “Tarte’s Park Ave Princess Butter Lipstick: The Perfect Everyday Lipstick

    1. I’ve been wearing it daily because my lips have been chapped with the cold weather! It’s a butter lipstick so it goes on super soft and doesn’t make my lips more dry. I love it even more now haha. 🙂

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