Braids & Leather

coverThis past weekend I ventured over to Silverlake with one of my best gal pals Jess (aka @unicornwhispers).  Jess recently got a new camera for her birthday and we thought it would be a great idea to venture around Silverlake, snapping pics along the way.

Jess has amazing style and rocked an all black ensemble, and added some tan boots, an adorable hat, and the chicest pigtails I’ve ever seen!  I knew these photos would turn out great, because girlfriend knows how to look perfect put together and never too over done.

Excited to post this lovely story of an afternoon full of giggles and hair calls (it’s like a cat call, but with your hair haha)  If you follow me on instagram, you know I dyed my hair blue recently, and Jess is the one that did it.  If you are in need of an amazing stylist in LA, hit Jess up at The Establishment Salon in Silverlake.  It’s a super rad place filled with talented people.  You can’t go wrong.

Hope you enjoy the pics, keep an eye out for a few more fun (and FIT) photo stories coming up!

In Bloom.

I saw these gorgeous flowers hanging over the sidewalk and loved the idea of shooting between them. Even prettier that the flowers? JESS!!

IMG_5438IMG_5406 copy 2 copyIMG_5419 copyIMG_5382 copy


Rustic Vibes.

There were 100% people on the other side of that door, but Jess rocked it anyway.



Not a Paying Customer.

“Please don’t see me.” HAHA



All Smiles.

Heartwarming isn’t it? 😉

IMG_5238IMG_5060 copyIMG_4869 copy



When the coffee hits your lips.

I think these speak for themselves…IMG_5300IMG_5339IMG_5310 copy
I personally LOVE how these came out and had so much fun shooting them with my pretty, pretty friend. If you are in LA and have want to play, just let me know! I do have some sessions to check off my list, but open to finding a date that works.  If you love these photots, let me know!  I’m a newbie here and just trying to play around and figure out what I’m doing along the way.

As some of you know photography is new to me, but I also am a beautry creator under the name “Glampacked.”  Check out my beauty posts here and make sure to head to my youtube channel to see live tutorials. If you don’t follow me on social media, here are my links:

Beauty Instagram (@glampacked)

Photo Instagram – (@bethanyjoypics)




Thanks for checking my blog out, drop a comment to let me know what you think! ❤








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