Mini Photo Session with Hippies & Lippies

I met my lovely friend Kait, aka Hippiesandlippies on instagram, a while ago after she won my first giveaway! We really connected and now I consider her a great friend who I can always depend on to make me giggle and think the exact same way I do about hilarious things on the internet haha. She also happens to be ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!  She came over for sleepover a few months back and I had to take some photos of her around my neighborhood.  Long story short, I edited my faves and LOST them on my hard drive, but luckily kept the raw files.

I hope you enjoy these gorgeous pics of her, we had an amazing time shooting together and I will be doing her makeup for a video very soon!  If you go follow her NOW, you will see how talented she is at makeup and understand why she looks so fierce in these photos. Makeup by her all day erryday <3.


leafLook at this angel ❤ Major heart eyes!

pretty kaiteedited kateside viewHer hair and that grafitti are like matches made in heaven! Loved her fresh color.

graffiti kait 3graffiti wallHeadshot material, amiright?

sunglassesVery clearly going for a mirrored lens aviator ad here haha. ray bansJust your casual green wall slay.Kait2edited kaitI CANNOT WITH HER GORGEOUS EYES! What a beaut!pretty eyeOne of my absolute faves of the bunch<3side eyeLiner goals for lifeeee.AllywayThis is my favorite day hands down. Who would have thought a grungy ally could make such great pics?IMG_0216Legs for dayzz.on chairWhatcha thinkin bout Kait?IMG_0362IMG_0327Jewelry by Forever 21 & Francescas.


Outfit deets:

Blue sweater is Wildfox

Shorts are Victoria’s Secret

Shoes are Converse

Studs are Kate Spade


If you are a blogger or youtuber who wants to do a shoot, please contact me at so we can set something up. 🙂






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