An Honest Lipsense Review (From someone who doesn’t sell Lipsense)

Hi! Welcome to my new, revamped blog!  If you’ve followed me for a while, you know this is a different look and one I’m absolutely loving.  If you aren’t already, make sure you subscribe through email so you can be alerted when I go up with a new blog post.  Don’t worry, it should only be around once a week so I won’t bombard you with emails.

Now onto the main event!  You may find yourself here because you have the same curiosity about Lip Sense that I did since it’s exploded into facebook sales groups galore.  I have to be honest, while I respect the hustle of all these hard working people out there trying to make some extra cash, I don’ particularly LOVE these facebook groups or Multi-Level Marketing type companies.  But what I do love is makeup, and if makeup and if a product is getting a lot of hype then I want to know about it! So after being invited to literally 14 lip sense facebook groups and seeing countless videos of a wine glass with lips rubbed against them or the finger swipe boomerangs, my interest was peaked. There are certainly people losing their ISH over this product, and I figured I needed to give it a try.  Afterall, Lipsense is supposed to be a product that stays on all day through sweating, laughing, eating, and drinking (not claimed by Lipsense directly, but is what I’ve seen in these pages).  Riding in on a white horse came an old friend Alyssa I used to coach in volleyball, asking if she could send me a color to try.  She’s super sweet and helpful and not pushy in any way, so if you read this review and feel like you want to order, she’s your gal.  I’m linking her facebook group here, but will also include her information at the end of the post.

Y’all… I have SO much makeup.  I will never be a one brand type of gal and will never stop trying and searching for new faves.  The one thing I really wanted to drive home is whether you are a beginner or a seasoned makeup vet, you should always be open to trying new brands and exploring all types of products. Spoiler alert: I do like Lipsense for a lot of different reasons, and if you do too, you should start exploring other brands as well! There have been a few things that deterred me from Lipsense before I actually tried it, so I want to call that out really quick.  I’ve seen a lot of sellers using pics and swatches of other brands pictures and products labeled as their own in order to sell a certain color.  Me no likey.   One of these instances was someone using a photo of Jaclyn Hill saying she was wearing a color she has in stock.  The problem was Jaclyn was NOT wearing lipsense, as her photo tagged another brand.  I also noticed that another seller showed another brands lipstick incorrectly to smear it and compare it to how Lip Sense doesn’t do that.  I couldn’t do this review without mentioning this, so if you Lipsense person does this… PLEASE call them out.  I don’t believe in slamming other brands to promote yours, so if you end up loving you some lipsense, make sure find a great and honest distributor like Alyssa who is straightforward with you.

So there’s obviously a lot to process here, and when I review a product I’m looking at so many different aspects of the product.  My favorite thing about makeup is that it’s subjective.  Something that may not work for one person, can work wonders for another.  Some people may want something they can change out throughout the day, and some may want something that can go a long time without a touch-up.  So what I like to do is review it with an open mind and find out the good and bad, as well as who this does and doesn’t work for.  At this point you may be saying OK OK just tell me about this product, but I think it’s important to know that there are going to be people that will LOVE this product and there may be people who decide it’s not for them, but I’m hoping, either way, this review will help you decide either way. Now let’s dive in.

First Impressions:

I received my lip sense in the mail so soon after Alyssa mentioned she’d send it, and considering she’s literally across the country from me (her – NY, me – LA) I was already impressed.  I opened the package and saw that she sent me Sassy Z, which is described as a rosy pink.  It came with a remover and also a gloss, which to me is very smart since you actually can’t really get this stuff off without it (or barely with it haha).  More on that later haha.

I didn’t want to waste any time so even though it was 8 pm, I had to throw it on.  I followed the directions: 1) Shook up the bottle, 2) Applied in one direction not overlapping, and 3) Applied in 3 layers allowing 5 to 10 seconds between layers.  If you didn’t know this about me yet, I am a makeup artist so I usually really have a learning curve when it comes to applying makeup. These steps seemed pretty easy to me, but to someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, I would take it slow in order to stay in the lines because once this stuff dries, IT’S DRY haha. So as I applied the layers I immediately noticed a few things:

-it has a strong scent of alcohol, which I later found out is cosmetic grade alcohol that helps with the long wear of the product.  This scared me a little bit, but I also love the smell of rubbing alcohol so it wasn’t so bad.

-It’s a very thin formula.  It’s literally like water so it doesn’t feel like anything on the lips,

-I felt a bit of burn, which I assumed was connected to the alcohol.  In my research, they say your lips may not be used to it, but if you keep using it apparently won’t burn anymore. I was mildly alarmed because it was pretty uncomfortable, but I was told it helps if you only use Lipsense products.. Errrr not happening.

-It did feel a little bit sticky between applications. Not like stuck together sticky, but this was a bit confusing to me since I had seen so many videos of the swipe where it seemed so smooth. Why wasn’t mine as smooth? I’ve seen those lipsense videos, and they only wait like 5 seconds between layers so I know I wasn’t doing it too quickly.  Within 20 minutes the stickiness went away, but it is something I still experience.

-When I applied it I didn’t purse my lips, so when the product dried it did not settle into the lines of my lip. So when I smiled there were portions of my lips that didn’t have color on them. Advice: Smile or pull your lips taut when you apply it, it will make it smoother!

-THE GLOSS.  The gloss was so heavenly and soft and I literally wanted to slather myself in the moment I put it on my lips.  It has the perfect shine without being TOO glossy ya know?

-I couldn’t really get it all the way off haha.  I followed the directions with the remover, but still had remnants left over.  I only kept it on for like 30 minutes, so maybe the force was still too strong.

Full Review (after 3 weeks)

Now that you have heard my first impressions, I’d like to dive a little deeper into my curated thoughts after using this product often in the last 3 weeks. As someone who doesn’t really like liquid lipstick because they are too drying and HATES for my lips to be flaky, I tend to shy away from long wear products since the ingredients normally cause both for me.  I don’t really mind reapplying or touching up, so long wear isn’t quite as important to me.  However, I do know it is to a lot of women out there who are on the go and don’t want to fuss.  So if you are like me and don’t mind, either way, this could easily be another fun lip item to add to your repertoire for those days when you want a little durability….  if you’re willing to look past the price.  On the other end and longevity is important to you, or if you are a no fuss, light makeup type of person, the price tag may not be a factor at all.  Like I said.. makeup is subjective.


Shade: Sassy Z

Where to buy:  Alyssa Anderson at Pucker Up Jamestown

Cost:  $25 for one lip color, $10 for Remover, $55 for starter package of color, gloss, and remover.

Finish: Matte

Pros:  Feels like nothing on.  Lasts for 6+ hours.  No Fuss.  Can be layered for a light or bold finish.  Gloss is amazing.  Great color selection.

Cons:  Those.Facebook.Groups. (for me)  Slightly burns if you don’t just use Lipsense.  Higher price point.  Can be difficult to get off.


Pigment: 8/10

I had serious doubts about what the color would look like after the first layer.  It seemed SO thin and I was genuinely curious how it would end up looking like the pictures I saw on facebook.  But that 3rd layer really does the trick and gives you a nice payoff for a pretty looking, but light feeling lip. Points deducted for: It’s not quite as bold or vibrant as some of my creamier lipsticks. This is likely from the difference in ingredients and type of lip product since most of the lipsticks aren’t meant to be long wearing. This is more of an everyday, wearable finish.

Longevity: 8/10

Let me start by saying Lipsense stays a long time, longer than most lip products.  And as someone who does not like most liquid lipstick formulas, I will gladly welcome a longer wearing lip product that does not feel dry or flakey.  My guess is that the thinner formula allows the lip color to dry and form a light layer of color over your lip without flaking. (It would be awesome for weddings!) However, Lipsense is not bulletproof, so don’t be surprised when you see some wear and tear after a while.  I can also tell you that eating will do the most damage, especially if it has any oil in it.  However, as you’ll see in the pics, I HOUSED A BURRITO with it on and even though it did come off a bit on the inner portion of the lip, it was still 75% there, which is better than 90% of liquid lipsticks out there.  I am not exaggerating when I say that I despise when my lips feel dry from liquid lips, and with the exception of hour 7 and on, it felt like I was wearing just a gloss. Beware: if you use other brand’s balms over it, (I used a Rodial rose balm) it will melt it off since it has similar ingredients as the remover.  Points deducted for:  After some time you can start to see a few little cracks in the lip. Nothing major, but it needs to be noted. Also, it is so heavy duty that sometimes I actually can’t get it off even with the remover.

Value: 8/10

I went back and forth a few times before grading it because I do feel like this is definitely more on the pricey side of cosmetics. A single tube with remover runs for $25 and you can get a lip color and gloss for $45.  That’s not cheap. At all.  With most of these companies, the distributors buy their stash at a discount and then make all or a portion of the difference when they sell it. I don’t know the details of how Senegence does it, but I’d assume it’s very similar, if not exactly that.  It’s a medium sized tube, so it’s both bigger and smaller than other brands out there. I wish I could speak on how long the tube lasted to give a better understanding, but I haven’t even really made a dent. The value also depends on how often you wear it, but because of how thin the formula is, mixed with the longevity, I genuinely believe this will last you a good solid amount of time. If you like to mix it up wearing different products daily like me, I’d imagine this one color will last me through the end of the year.  Since you have to use less product with limited (if any) touch-ups, it boosts the value in my opinion. Points deducted for:  Like I said previously if you are a someone who doesn’t care as much about the long-wearing aspect, paying $25 dollars may seem overpriced for something you won’t wear everyday.

Color Selection: 9.5/10

From everything that I’ve seen, there are a large number of colors ranging from nude to almost black.  They nudes, reds, and everything in between.  They also have a both matte and shimmer.  Points deduction for:  Because of the manner of the way it’s sold, you have to wait until your distributer orders that color. Once it’s out of stock, you’re not sure when it will come in.

Fulfills its claims: 7/10

I’m giving Lipsense a 7 in this category because I’ve found that SOME of the distributors act like it’s the one and only product you should ever use.  Is it perfect? No. Is it good? Yes.  But on these pages, sometimes it can be misleading with the way they speak about it and in my opinion when you overhype something, you are opening it up to more criticism.  If you say “this product is the best, it’s better than every other lip product out there” then it’s most likely not going to live up to that hype.  If you say “this is an amazing long wearing product that is great if you don’t want to fuss with touch-ups,” then it feels a little more accurate to what I’m buying.  Unfortunately for Lipsense, 90% of what I’ve seen out there leans toward the first statement and for that, it dilutes the score.  Points deducted for: Self-explanatory.  It’s like a movie, if people tell you this is the best movie of all time, you build up your expectation and end up disappointed even though the movie still ends up being good.


First Application: 10:30 am before the farmers market.

So shiny and pretty!

Check-in: 1 pm Post Farmers Market. Post said burrito housing.  Please note, IT WAS 90 DEGREES OUTSIDE. 

Re-glossed and after burrito

Check-in: 4 pm Chillin watching TV.  Touched up just the inner lip portion since it was coming off. 

Post-Touch Up
Post-Touch Up + Gloss

Check-in: 6 pm Pre-workout

Didn’t Re-gloss

Check-in: 8:15 pm Post Gym. Post Sweat.

After 9+ hours, hence the wear and tear.

Final Thoughts:

Lipsense surprised me.  I was ready to dislike it.  I was ready to roll my eyes. I still don’t love that this is a company that encourages you to only use their stuff in order for the product to work the best, but it’s smart business on their part.  And after 3 weeks of testing, I will definitely keep wearing Sassy Z and dare I say it….. purchase a few others?  I’ve been over liquid lipsticks for a long time and these could easily be a replacement for those occasions where I don’t want to fuss or check the mirror too often.  So if you’re like me and are ready to toss you liquid lipsticks, opt for a Lipsense lippie, I think you’ll be pleased. I know a lot of sweet, normal gals selling Lipsense and I would never want to offend or diss them, but I just will never be a huge fan of MLM type businesses.  I do feel like it’s impossible not to be biased by a product you are selling in order to make money.  Do I believe they legitimately like the products? Of course! That’s not what I mean.  Just remember, if you walked up to a Clinique counter and asked about a product, they are never going to tell you anything other than that it’s amazing.  So while I appreciate the hustle, I just want you to keep in mind that you will never hear a bad word from a distributor.  It doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying, it just means be cautious and form your own opinion. Like I said earlier, be careful with what you see, try it on your own to see if it works for you, and be open to exploring other brands and makeup in general as well!  I’m a beauty blogger who is a makeup artist as well, so I look at products from a more critical view.   One thing I always try to do is look at product from both a makeup guru’s and makeup beginner’s point of view.  One thing I’ve noticed is that Lipsense has really seemed resonated with the amazing, everyday women out there, which I think is great.  Makeup is fun, but it’s also intimidating.  Sometimes I think with Instagrammers and vloggers, the glam can get overdone and unrealistic, so I think Lipsense takes makeup and makes it easy and accessible to everyone.

I hope you enjoyed this review and got some good insight as to what the product is like, facebook groups and boomerangs aside. 🙂 If you did, please let me know in the comments below. And if you are a Senegence and Lipsense distributor, I hope you understand my point of view and continue on doing your thing.  Strong women make strong business women, so I do appreciate you.  And please, for the love of God, if you see another distributor using other brands or people’s photos, please discourage them from doing so.  I also am fully aware that there are plenty of Senegence distributors who are not this way and don’t do this, so please do not assume that.  I know there are peeps out there killing and not in need of my advice, but I am really sensitive to the photo stealing thing! haha.  That’s all folks!  Have some fun posts coming up for you, so I hope you come back <3.



I love Alyssa and from everything I’ve seen, she is sweet and honest and truly loves these products.  I also think If after this review you want to pick up a few Lipsense lippies, definitely go to her page or email her to see what she has in stock. I’m thinking I’m going to grab a nude and maybe something bright and fun for summer! Here is all of her info!

Facebook: Pucker Up Jamestown

Instagram: @puckerupjamestown


5 thoughts on “An Honest Lipsense Review (From someone who doesn’t sell Lipsense)

  1. It surprised me too. Seemed so gimmicky and it is gimmicky. I don’t buy the whole “only use our products” line though. That’s a bunch of hooey. This is a great product to use on a night out or a king day where you don’t have time for touchups. It’s not something I’d use every day. I’ve heard stories of people getting severely dry/chapped lips from only using LipSense. Oh and I found using a lip pencil helps a lot too. I just happened to have one that matched the color I was sent really well.

    But like I said, I don’t agree with some seller’s shady selling techniques at all. But there some honest sellers out there too. They’re not all shady ladies. I’ve heard so many people call LipSense a “pyramid scheme”. That I don’t believe. This is honestly no different from selling Avon/Mary Kay/Amway. I have friends/family who have sold all of those over the years.

    1. I wasn’t like what is a king day?? HAHA! I totally agree, I think there’s some good peeps out there :). And you’re right the way of selling isn’t a pyramid scheme, it’s just basic commission sales. That doesn’t bother me it’s just the way some people sell that seems dishonest. I’m always happy when I see girls selling who are real and don’t shove it down people’s throats haha. I’m def going to keep using mine!

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